What’s in an update?

What’s in an update?

Since the launch of iBubble and the beginning of deliveries earlier this year, our software team did not stay idle!

Based on your feedback and our research & development plan, we have already released two major updates for iBubble.
These updates have added many new features, changes as well as a few bugfixes.

Amidst these new features, there are some special mentions:

  • iBubble is now able to synchronize with GoPro cameras, from the Hero 5 up to the Hero 7!
    This allows the diver to control the camera directly from the ibubble remote. This means that iBubble is the first to offer remote control of a GoPro underwater!
  • A new scenario have been introduced: Turn back. With this scenario, iBubble follows the diver with while facing the other way. When trailing behind the diver, it allows to film the divers and seascape behind you; when swimming towards the drone, it will film what’s in front of you.
  • The Explorer Mode, which allows direct control of the drone via a cable, is now available on the iBubble app.

You can catch up with the full patch notes for our April and June update by clicking on these links:

iBubble April Update: Patch notes

iBubble June update: Patch notes