• Protective Handles

    The iBubble Protective Handles provide extra sides protection to your drone and extra grip when handling it.

    Their elegant design will allow you to easily carry your iBubble in and out of the water!
    Easy to install, the protective handles are a great addition to your iBubble – for comfort, security and a stylish look

    Caution: While the long handles make it is easier to carry your iBubble, we remind you that the drone should only be handled when it is disarmed.

    65,83 exc. VAT
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  • iBubble Softcase

    With iBubble’s custom-made softcase, easily carry your personal underwater drone everywhere you go!

    The softcase is designed to hold iBubble and its accessories. The softcase is equipped with shoulder straps as well as extra padding for easy and safe transportation of your drone.

    With the iBubble softcase, easily carry your yellow buddy – in style!

    591,67 exc. VAT
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  • Battery compartment opener

    Open and close your iBubble ™ battery compartment in the blink of an eye with the battery compartment opener!

    This tool fits precisely on the battery compartment of your iBubble. Thanks to its ergonomic handles, changing your iBubble’s battery is easier than ever.

    41,67 exc. VAT
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  • iBubble Hardcase

    We know divers like to travel the world to discover the most beautiful dive sites.
    With iBubble’s custom hardcase, transport your personal underwater cameraman everywhere you go.

    This hardcase is designed to hold iBubble and its accessories.

    Size: 81 x 52,5 x 42 cm

    991,67 exc. VAT
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  • Additional Battery

    Why dive once when there is so much to explore with iBubble?
    With this additional battery, dive all day long with your personal underwater cameraman and don’t miss a single moment!

    250,00 exc. VAT
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  • Additional Battery Lot

    The longer you dive with iBubble evo the better. With this additional battery lot you will be able to dive with iBubble evo for over 4 hours with nothing more to do than swapping batteries between your dives.

    Plus, with this lot you’ll save close to 15% off the price of 2 batteries bought separately and you’ll be able to dive all day with your personal underwater cameraman!

    450,00 exc. VAT
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  • Sealing Kit

    With this sealing kit, keep your iBubble battery compartment watertight after intensive usage! This kit contains two (2) o-rings seals as well as one (1) tube of silicon grease for your iBubble’s battery compartment. It is recommended to change the iBubble o-ring seal after 40 dives.

    8,00 exc. VAT
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