Capture and share
your dives with ease

iBubble evo is the first autonomous, wireless underwater drone. It’s the perfect diving companion. Designed with ease of use in mind, it will follow you and capture your dive from unique filming angles. You’ll be able to share your underwater adventures in a brand new way. Turn it on, put it in the water, choose your integrated movement scenario and let iBubble evo take care of the filming.

Cutting-edge technology,
Made in France

Enjoy your dive, iBubble evo follows. The drone films your dive autonomously, automatically avoiding obstacles and tracks you thanks to its patented visual & 360° sonar technology. iBubble evo lets you fully enjoy your underwater adventures for up to 1:30 hours, with interchangeable batteries.

Unique filming

While underwater, you can select through a wide range of filming scenarios from a distance thanks to iBubble evo’s remote. With a wide range of scenarios available, you’ll become the director of your own movies. With 7 propellers providing it unrivaled stability and mobility underwater, iBubble evo will become your professional diving cameraman.

A versatile
underwater drone

iBubble evo is designed to adapt to your every need. Its various automated modes offer you the opportunity to ride iBubble evo as a scooter as well as the possibility to turn it into an agile ROV you can pilot from the surface. Indeed, the Explorer Pack gives you the opportunity to explore the depths from the comfort of your boat.

Safe and
easy to handle

iBubble evo is a one-of-a-kind underwater drone. Intuitive and easy to use, it is also compact and light (9kg). Its slick, hydrodynamic design allows you to handle it effortlessly. Slightly buoyant, iBubble evo will also automatically resurface to be easily found if it loses your signal.

Capture the beauty of the ocean
with no impact

Designed with the fragile beauty of our ocean in mind, iBubble evo is silent and aware of its surroundings. Thanks to its sonar and multiple detectors, iBubble evo can recognize and avoid obstacles underwater.