iBubble April Update: Patch notes

iBubble April Update: Patch notes

iBubble v1.3.0 Release notes

New features and improvements


  • New Scenario : Turn Back
    • iBubble performs a 180° rotation on itself and and follows the diver in this position (it shows its back to the diver instead of looking at him). Follow behaviour is similar to the standard Follow & Lead scenarios.


  • Obstacle avoidance improvements
    • iBubble’s bottom/roof detector now triggers a Stay scenario instead of triggering the Disarm scenario when getting stuck. If it is stuck on the bottom, iBubble will move 30cm upward and stay in position until a new scenario is triggered.Note: iBubble’s obstacle avoidance is active only at a depth of 2m or below. Above 2m, the sonar negatively impacts the drone’s performance. Be sure to keep this in mind when using iBubble!


  • Drone self-testing improvements
    iBubble now performs additional checks when starting up:

    • Internal pressure sensor self-test added. 
    • Remote pressure sensor self-test added.
    • Remote version check at startup: iBubble now checks the current version of the remote. If the remote is not up-to-date, it will update itself to the newest version automatically.


  • Underwater behaviour improvements
    Based on the logs and feedback from our community, we have made some improvements to iBubble’s behaviour underwater:

    • Improved iBubble’s trajectory when coming from afar.
      This will reduce overshooting when the drone starts moving towards the diver from far away.
    • Improved the Circle scenario. The drone’s behaviour has been improved when the scenario is selected.
      Further improvements are in the works for this mode. 
    • Improved the drone’s estimation algorithm when locked on the diver.
      This will improve iBubble’s capacity to stay focused on the diver.


Bug fixes and other changes

  • Calibration: You can now use the Calibration option within the iBubble app.
  • Lead scenario: fixed a bug that prevented the drone from moving forward.
  • Lead scenario: improvement to the drone’s yaw movement (left/right turning rate).
  • Drone update fix: iBubble now checks that all parameters are sent before trying to synchronize with the remote. This is a fix to the infinite “Scen CFG” state on the remote.
  • Drone update change: After the initial first-time setup and update, it is no longer required to switch the remote into bootloader mode to update it.
  • Improvement continues on the Side and Dive scenarios. However, they are not included in this update. These scenarios are the top priority.
  • Numerous fixes and other small improvements.