Capture and share the beauty
of the ocean with ease

iBubble is the perfect luxury underwater toy. Wireless, smart and unique, it will follow you everywhere underwater and capture your dive with professional filming angles. iBubble will become your own personal underwater companion, whether you are a snorkeler, a diver or on the deck. This high-end drone gives you new, exciting ways to share your underwater adventures.


With 7 engines providing iBubble unrivaled mobility and power, you can also ride iBubble as an underwater scooter. Simply activate the “Ride Mode” and push the limits of your snorkeling experience further! 

Turn iBubble into
an agile ROV

iBubble is not only the first wireless underwater drone on the market: it can also be controlled directly from the surface. With the Explorer Pack, you can transform your iBubble into an agile ROV you can pilot from the comfort of your deck. Plug in the Explorer pack and relax while exploring the wonders of the ocean.

A unique experience from
the comfort of your boat

iBubble’s Explorer Mode is the ultimate exploration experience. With its dedicated controller with HD screen providing live video feedback and 100m/300ft of cable, you will be able to pilot iBubble effortlessly from the surface.

Underwater toy and
essential tool

The Explorer Pack will not only allow you to check the site before you dive in, it will be an essential tool for you and your crew when it comes to checking the hull of your yacht, or the position of the anchor.

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