Is the camera included with iBubble?

No, it is not included with iBubble. With our attachment system, you can replace your camera with a new one without having to change your iBubble.

Which action cameras are compatible with iBubble?

iBubble is compatible with GoPro Hero 3 and higher cameras, as well as Paralenz cameras and any camera action with the type of mount used by GoPro cameras.

Can you add a filter?

Yes, you can use a filter on your own camera to get the best picture quality underwater!

Can iBubble avoid obstacles?

Yes, iBubble is equipped with a transmitter that allows it to both detect you under water and avoid obstacles, such as reefs or coral.

Does iBubble make noise under water?

iBubble is silent underwater. Its frequency of emission is not dangerous for the fauna and the marine flora.

What is the battery life of iBubble?

iBubble has a battery life of one hour under normal conditions of use. This time may vary depending on various factors, such as the strength of the current or the temperature of the water.

What happens when the battery gets low?

iBubble automatically detects its charge level. When it becomes too low, iBubble returns to you for you to recover it and finish your dive.

If you are near the boat, and you have warned the surface safety, you can also send it directly to the surface.

If the battery is completely empty, iBubble will slowly rise to the surface thanks to its slightly positive buoyancy.

Is the iBubble battery swappable?

Absolutely! Just open the waterproof compartment and replace the battery with another.

Is it possible to change the battery underwater?

No, because it is protected in a watertight compartment. However, you can change it very quickly on the boat, in the dry zone.

What is the charge time of a battery?

The charging time of an iBubble battery is 2h30.

Can I control iBubble from the surface?

Yes: thanks to the Explorer pack, it is possible to control iBubble from the surface. Just plug in the cable and launch the app on your smartphone or tablet, and you can explore the depths without getting in the water!

What does the Explorer Pack contain?

The iBubble Explorer Pack is composed of several elements:

  • A cable with a length of 60 meters.
  • A cable reel with an integrated iOS / Android compatible WiFi beacon for iBubble control with live video feedback.

Is it possible to film the environment rather than the diver?

Of course! The built-in iBubble scenarios let you choose the orientation of your shots.

By selecting scenarios where iBubble is positioned in front of you or by your side, you’ll get professional-looking footage of what you’ve seen, without having to film yourself!

What are the filming scenarios provided with iBubble?

The catalog of iBubble filming scenarios will expand over time. At launch, the catalog will consist of the following scenarios:

  • Follow: iBubble positions itself behind you, slightly tilted and above. It films you as well as the environment ahead of you: It’s the perfect scenario when you are diving towards the dive site!
  • Lead: iBubble positions itself ahead of you and films what you see – just ike a first person view!
  • Side: iBubble positions itself to your right and films you from the side. A scenario well adapted if you have a reef or a wreck on your left.
  • Circle: iBubble circles around you and films inwards. Perfect for filming the group!
  • Come: iBubble heads towards you and shuts down its propellers once close to you. You can them grab it and film a specific point of interest. Once you let it go, iBubble turns its propellers back on and switches back to the last used scenario.
  • Stay: iBubble stops and stabilizes itself at this depth. You can move away from it while it films a panoramic view of the environment.
  • Dive: iBubble positions itself behind you and tilts down when you dive deeper. This scenario is perfect for freedivers and divers getting down to a wreck!

What happens if I go deeper than 60m?

The maximum depth of iBubble is limited to 60 meters. Thanks to its internal systems, iBubble will automatically stop at this limit, even if you go deeper.

What is the maximum distance to the diver?

The maximum distance of iBubble from the diver holding the transmitter is 25 meters. It is also possible to set the iBubble tracking distance between 1 and 20 meters.

How to become a reseller?

If you would like to become an iBubble reseller , you can send your request to the following address: sales@ibubble.camera

What happens if I need to have my iBubble repaired?

In case you have encountered a problem with your iBubble, you can easily send it to one of our many maintenance centers around the world.

If your drone is still under warranty, this maintenance is covered*, minus the shipping price.

*subject to the terms of the guarantee

What kind of maintenance should I do on my iBubble?

iBubble is designed to be as durable as possible. However, it is important to rinse the drone with fresh water after each dive to avoid salt deposits or engine damage.

Why is iBubble not equipped with gimbal?

iBubble does not need gimbal, since its 7 propellers and its internal components allow it to get stable picture quality at all times.

Who is responsible for taxes and customs fees?

Concerning iBubble purchases, the consumer is solely responsible for the management of taxes and customs charges applicable in his country.

In what kind of currents can iBubble evolve?

iBubble can swim in currents reaching a power of 3 knots. With its 7 propellers and internal stabilization system, it will remain stable even in strong currents.

Will the iBubble software be updated regularly?

Yes, updates will be frequent.

The philosophy behind iBubble is to deliver a finished product, instead of a lacking, rushed drone. That’s why we worked three years before iBubble was launched, and we will continue to improve iBubble without you having to change it.

What is the speed of iBubble?

The maximum iBubble speed is 1.5 meters per second underwater.

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