Sneak peek: The iBubble 2.0 update!

Sneak peek: The iBubble 2.0 update!

The iBubble 2.0 update is almost ready. And it’s the biggest update for iBubble yet!

We are currently testing the update with our beta testers, but this update is so big that we wanted to share with you the list of the biggest changes it brings.

Here’s the list:


New features

iBubble Profiles

You will now be able to select a profile for your drone, enabling new scenarios as well as specific scenario parameters.
The profiles are :

  • Diver
  • Instructor
  • Beginner
  • Snorkeler

The default profile is Diver. We will do a whole new post on this when the update goes live!

New scenario: Ride

With this scenario, iBubble can be use as… a sea scooter! This scenario activates a few seconds after selecting it with the remote.

  • To stop the drone, you can simply flip the drone on its back. This will disarm it!
  • If you accidentally let go of the drone, it will disarm itself automatically.

New scenario: Follow Side (Left/Right)

Activated from a Follow position, iBubble will position itself to your left/right side tracking you from there. As long as you keep moving in the same direction, iBubble will remain steady.

New scenario: Buddy (Left/Right)

Activated from a Follow position, iBubble will position itself your left/right side, filming at a slight angle in front of you, making it a “dive buddy”.


Bug fixes and other changes

  • Update times are now much faster – wait time has been halved!
  • Updates sizes have been reduced. It should now take much less space on your smartphone.
  • New behaviour for the bottom/roof detector: iBubble now disarms for 5 seconds, buzzes, then switches to the Stay scenario with blinking lights until a new scenario is selected.
  • New self-tests added and old self-tests improved :
    • Drone pressure
    • Remote pressure
    • Remote acoustic
  • iBubble remote:
    • New channel selection screen with a following confirmation screen.
    • 1 second long-press button detection added.
  • Gopro : minor GoPro fixes has been implemented, which fixed the Gopro 7 synchronisation issues.
  • Drone exctintion improvements. The process is now much more clearer – the drone now flashes its lights when it is ready to be shutdown.