Our story

Kevin a passionate diver and expert in drones came up with the idea of the very first underwater drone. In order to turn this idea into reality, we assembled an A-team of passionate divers, underwater world enthusiasts and people with the skills: embedded software developers, manufacturing & supply chain managers for some of largest manufacturers, mechatronics experts, experienced business model designers and creative innovation marketers.

Our team members have completed projects ranging from developing critical software for commercial airliners to France’s best-selling electric car. Not only that our engineers have also invented and commercialized Hexo+, the world’s first autonomous flying camera.

We’re working with partners who are leaders in their fields, whether it’s launching startups or turning Indiegogo hopes into successful industrial projects.

We love oceans and care for the marine life

The oceans are an awesome gift nature has given us. We’re designing a drone with minimal footprint, minimal noise and maximum regard for the marine environment. As respectful visitors of the underwater world, we want iBubble to be a revolution in this field. Not only that – we will also give 1% of our sales to nonprofit organizations that are fighting for cleaner oceans and protecting marine life.