Introducing iBubble evo

Introducing iBubble evo

It’s 2020 already, and we’ve decided to start the new year strong and make a good (r)evolution – pun intended! After a year of development, testing and hard work, our teams pushed the limits of our iBubble. Thanks to numerous software updates and refined industrial processes, we have reached a threshold where iBubble evolved into a new edition: iBubble evo. 

New processes, new look, new price 

It is important to understand that the changes of the iBubble evo are subtle to the eye but huge when looking into the details. Our development team accomplished wonders by refining our production processes which greatly impacted the final price of our underwater drone. Indeed, iBubble evo is available right now for 2,999€, a 30% price reduction from the former edition of iBubble! 

To mark this landmark in iBubble’s history, we also allowed our creativity to speak. We’ve come up with a fresher look for our iBubble evo, with more nuanced side colors and subtle visual elements. 

2.0 Software upgrade

In parallel, we worked hard to produce strong software and technical upgrades. So do not be fooled: a price drop does not mean a drop in quality. On the contrary, iBubble evo’s technology is more precise and benefits from the latest 2.0 software upgrade. 

That means several different things. First, iBubble evo and the 2.0 Update give you the option to select your diving profile and thus help the drone adapt more precisely to your use and diving style. You can choose between the following profiles:

  • Diver 
  • Instructor
  • Beginner
  • Snorkeler

New filming scenarios

In addition, iBubble evo and the 2.0 update give you access to 3 brand new filming modes: Follow Side, Buddy & Ride. 

  • The Follow Side mode allows iBubble evo to go on a side you’ll choose, and follow you remaining on the side while filming you. 
  • The Buddy mode will have iBubble evo go on either side of your choosing and film ahead with an angle, giving the feeling we’re seeing through the eyes of a real diving buddy. 
  • Last but not least: the Ride mode allows you to use iBubble evo as a sea scooter!

Get more info on iBubble evo on the product page