Controling iBubble underwater

Controling iBubble underwater

Since our Indiegogo campaign, iBubble has changed in many ways. We have added support for action cameras, changed its design, added computer tracking… All in order to improve iBubble’s performance underwater.

One change  we haven’t very much talked about is how you control iBubble underwater. In our first Indiegogo video, we had in mind that iBubble could be controlled from a wrist bracelet with a rotating cadrant. While it was an interesting idea, it was very impractical for many reasons, such as user ergonomy, acoustic signal propagation and general ease of use.

By talking with diving professionals and instructors, we have determined that the best design is light, handheld remote that you can hang on your equipment. Here is a sketch of the iBubble remote:

You can see on this illustration that there are three navigation buttons (on the sides and on top of it). There is also a screen, which gives you important information such as iBubble’s depth, dive time, status and current scenario.

The iBubble remote is much more easier to use than a bracelet. Using only one hand, you can access the whole range of iBubble capabilities in just a few presses of the buttons. Navigating the menus is easy, whether you want to switch filming scenarios or access specialized functions, such as turning on and off the lights and sending iBubble to the surface.

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