Behind the Mask

Behind the Mask

When it comes to underwater filming, there are few people as creative and dynamic as the German filming collective Behind the Mask.

Composed of enthusiastic divers that are also creative people, designers, photographers and filmmakers, Behind the Mask became a reference in underwater filming over the last few years. This year again, they will be in Germany in January, attending the boot Düsseldorf.

But this time, they went a bit further: they’re giving you the chance of a lifetime to win an iBubble evo – we’ll tell you how further down the article! To celebrate this special occasion, we will be at their side at boot Düsseldorf, answering questions on underwater drones.

But more importantly, iBubble is now a full member of the Behind the Mask family! Let us introduce this ragtag group of amazing people.

A refreshing take on underwater filming

There’s no doubt that Behind the Mask is responsible for many cases of new diving addictions thanks to the many beautiful images they have shared throughout the years. In fact, the numerous videos produced by Florian Fischer and his awesome team reached beyond the diving community – their love of the ocean is enjoyed by everyone!

Thanks to their passion and their experience as divers, but also their expertise in a wide range of filming techniques, they have helped redefine the aesthetics of underwater films. And today, they are sharing their extensive knowledge through a variety of very instructive videos on underwater filming techniques.

Breathtaking images and awareness

But beyond aesthetics and filming techniques, Behind the Mask came at the right time at the right place. They are not afraid to poke with their fingers at one of the most relevant issues of our times: the preservation of our ocean and the uses of new technologies in this matter.

Behind the Mask are truly passionate about the protection of our ocean and new technologies, and that’s why we at Notilo Plus actively sought to join their family. Now that it’s done, expect to see a lot more underwater drone usage from BTM!

iBubble & Behind the Mask

That’s why today, at the boot Düsseldorf 2020, we are officially announcing that Florian Fischer recently became one of our official ambassadors!

In fact, that’s not the first time Florian and iBubble worked together on a project: the people behind the production of our #iMakeMemories video are non other than the BTM team.

To celebrate the ambassadorship of Florian, we have attended the biggest water-based trade show, the boot Düsseldorf together.

But that’s not the whole story: we have decided to give away a brand new iBubble evo to one lucky diver! By simply posting a comment below their drone learning video until beginning of February, you can get a chance to win your very own underwater drone!

Today, we have gathered with the BTM team on a special livestream on their social media to answer questions about iBubble from the community. You can catch the replays on their facebook page and Youtube channel.

Be sure to check out these videos and leave a comment to get a chance to win your very own iBubble evo!