All you need to know about obstacle avoidance

All you need to know about obstacle avoidance

One of iBubble’s most complex features is obstacle avoidance.

Thanks to its precise acoustic sensors, the drone is able to “hear” its surroundings and maneuver around medium & big obstacles.


The way iBubble’s obstacle avoidance is via sonar pulse it emits every few seconds. If it detects an obstacle within range of it, it will stop and try to find an alternative path to the location of the remote. When obstacle avoidance is activated, iBubble will flash its green LED a few times, then go back to fixed green when no obstacles are in range.


However, even though the obstacle avoidance feature of iBubble is advanced, it isn’t infallible – just like an aerial drone. When diving with iBubble, it remains under the responsability of its owner.  When diving with iBubble, there some environmental factors that should be kept in mind, such as wrecks, condensed environments, and steep slopes.


Of course, our team is always improving iBubble’s behaviour underwater! It is our priority to let our iBubblers have fun underwater as well as protecting our fragile underwater environment by avoiding accidental crashes into reefs or corals.


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