6 tips for a better dive with iBubble

6 tips for a better dive with iBubble

As you know now, iBubble is an amazing tool that transforms your diving experience and allow you to easily share wonderful images. And while iBubble is intuitive and easy to use (thanks to its remote and automated filming scenarios), there are a few simple techniques that can help you get the very best out of your underwater drone.

We’ve asked some of our experienced users some advice. Here are 6 tips they gave us on how to enhance your diving experience with iBubble!

1. Test-dive with

Before you start leaving on underwater adventures with your iBubble, make a couple of test-dives in a secure environment to see how your underwater drone behaves and get to know it a little!

2. Observe the
underwater life

Observe and record the different marine species with iBubble. Some species are very curious! 

3. Interact with
your drone

Consider iBubble as a real diving companion. Interact with your drone as you would with a partner or an actual cameraman to make your video more lively and immersive. 

4. Use the "Stay" mode
to capture the action

Put your drone in the center of the action and activate the “Stay” mode. Then swim away and let iBubble film the surroundings in action. The “Stay” mode allows you to capture beautiful panoramic shots. This is a great way to film a sardine school or sharks! 

5. Know when to switch off
iBubble's obstacle avoidance

In crowded environments or when approaching a wreck, iBubble’s LED will be green, indicating the obstacle avoidance is occurring. If you judge the situation to be safe for you and your drone, you can switch off the obstacle avoidance thus allowing your drone to move faster. 

6. Enjoy other divers' expression
when facing iBubble

Finally, you can simply enjoy the amazement of the divers you’ll meet when they see a wireless and autonomous underwater drone!