• Explorer Pack

    Turn iBubble into a stable and agile R.O.V. with the Explorer Pack! Discover the depths from the surface with your smartphone before diving in.
    $1,279.00 exc. VAT
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  • iBubble Explorer remote

    Get the best of your Explorer Pack with the iBubble Explorer Remote! With an integrated HD screen and intuitive controls, you’ll feel the thrills of the ultimate iBubble experience.
    $599.00 exc. VAT
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  • iBubble Hardcase

    We know divers like to travel the world to discover the most beautiful dive sites. With iBubble's custom hardcase, transport your personal underwater cameraman everywhere you go. This hardcase is designed to hold iBubble and its accessories. Size: 81 x 52,5 x 42 cm
    $699.00 exc. VAT
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  • Additional Battery

    Why dive once when there is so much to explore with iBubble? With this additional battery, dive all day long with your personal underwater cameraman and don't miss a single moment!
    $199.00 exc. VAT
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  • Maintenance Kit

    With this maintenance kit, keep your iBubble battery compartment watertight after intensive usage! This kit contains two (2) o-rings seals as well as one (1) tube of silicon grease for your iBubble's battery compartment. It is recommended to change the iBubble o-ring seal after 40 dives.
    $9.92 exc. VAT
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