Ibubble camera

Explorer Pack

Turn iBubble into a stable and agile R.O.V. with the Explorer Pack!

Discover the depths from the surface with your smartphone before diving in.

$1,279.00 exc. VAT


  • Live video feedback

    Livestream the depths directly from the surface thanks to the iBubble app.

  • Always stable

    Thanks to its multiple propellers, iBubble will hold its position, no matter its orientation.

  • Record directly on your device

    Explore the depths and record a high quality HD 1080p video with a press of a button.

Not sure what’s under the boat?

The iBubble Explorer Pack is made for you. With this iBubble accessory, you will be able to transform iBubble into a stable and agile R.O.V.!
Thanks to its numerous propellers and its cutting-edge software, iBubble will always be stable, no matter the angle.
Its 100 meters cable allows you to explore in a large radius around you.
If you’d rather scout unknown spots from the comfort of the boat before diving, you’ll love the iBubble Explorer Pack. Plug it in, immerse iBubble and explore the depths with your smartphone before diving down!



Note: This product is only an accessory. Drone sold separately.
  • iBubble drone: Sold separately

  • Required: Device running iOS or Android based system

  • Cable length: 100 meters / 300 feet

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