iBubble camera
iBubble is the first autonomous diving drone that follows you and captures beautiful footage, hands-free.
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Place iBubble in the water. Dive freely. Resurface. View and share your video. Repeat.

Enjoy Your Dive, iBubble Follows

Enjoy Your Dive, iBubble Follows

  • Entirely autonomous
  • Proprietary auto-framing software
  • 1-hour battery life to cover most dives

Take Manual Control

  • Easy to handle
  • Simple manual mode switch
  • Returns automatically to follow mode
Create Amazing Videos

Create Amazing Videos

  • Professional grade camera movements
  • Bracelet to select filming mode
  • Image stabilization system

Explore With Live Video Feedback

  • Easy to use, waterproof RC
  • Live video feedback
  • 100 m wire (380ft)

Intelligent, it silently captures your submarine journey. It understands your way of diving. Gliding with you, analyzing your moves, sharing with your team what you see and where you are.

Supported by Guillaume Néry
Freediving champion

The idea

1 March 2015

We come up with the idea of an underwater autonomous camera


1 May 2015

We interview over 300 people in the diving community to collect feedback

Product requirements

1 June 2015

We begin to work on the product requirements

1st prototype

1 July 2015

We build our first prototype to pre-test our positioning technology

Industrialisation process

1 October 2015

Start of the industrialisation process with our manufacturing partner

2nd prototype

1 December 2015

Our second prototype validates the technology to track a diver


1 January 2016

We meet the diving community at the Paris International Dive Show and Düsseldorf Boot show to collect feedback


1 February 2016

We shortlist key partners for development and industrialisation

Diving show

1 April 2016

Beneath The Sea Dive Show in New Jersey (USA)

Proof of concept

17 April 2016

Proof of concept developed and used as a reference for product requirements

Indiegogo Campaign

19 April 2016

Go on the campaign page

Engineering design phase

1 May 2016

Engineering design phase starts (electronic, mechanical, software, app …)

Electronic architecture

1 July 2016

First release of complete electronic architecture

Design freeze

1 July 2016

for industrialisation phase


1 October 2016

Software and application first beta release


1 October 2016

Tooling go ahead

Beta testing

1 November 2016

Beta testing with ambassadors and selected users


1 December 2016

Packaging development

Manufacturing process

1 January 2017

Manufacturing process development


1 January 2017

Submission of the app to app stores


1 March 2017

FCC/CE approvals

Final testing

1 March 2017

Final testing and start of production

Shipping starts

1 May 2017

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