Ibubble camera

Premium Explorer Pack

Turn iBubble into a stable and agile R.O.V. with the Premium Explorer Pack!

Discover the depths from the surface with an exclusive integrated remote before diving in.

$1,699.00 exc. VAT


  • Live video feedback

    Livestream the depths directly from the surface thanks to the iBubble app.

  • Always stable

    Thanks to its multiple propellers, iBubble will hold its position, no matter its orientation.

Go premium. Dive deeper.

The Premium iBubble Explorer Pack allows you to get the best of iBubble’s R.O.V. mode. Turn iBubble into the most stable and agile R.O.V. on the market!
The premium version of the Explorer Pack features a100 meters (300 ft) cable and its integrated remote with HD screen allows you to explore and map any area you find.
From exploring new dive spots to following and filming a dive group from the surface, you will love the Premium iBubble Explorer Pack.

Note: This product is only an accessory. Drone sold separately.
  • iBubble drone: Sold separately

  • Control: Remote with integrated HD screen

  • Cable length: 100 meters / 300 feet

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