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iBubble evo is the first wireless, entirely autonomous underwater drone. Turn it on, put it in the water, choose your integrated movement scenario and let iBubble evo take care of the filming.

Thanks to its cutting-edge and patented acoustic technology, the drone will automatically avoid obstacles and follow you everywhere you go to capture your underwater adventures in a truly unique way. With iBubble evo you can fully enjoy your diving experience and share it with everyone.

  • Size: 60cm x 45cm x 35cm / 24in x 18in x 14in

  • Weight: 9 kg / 19 lbs

  • Max. depth: 60 m / 200 ft

  • Speed: 1.5 m/s - 3.3 ft/s

  • Battery life: 1h30, interchangeable, Li-ion (<100 Wh)

  • Motors: 7 - Enhanced mobility

  • Smart transmitter: Scenario display, recording start/stop, lights switch, max. depth, distance control

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2 years guarantee

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Made with high quality materials and cutting-edge patented technology, iBubble evo will offer you a brand new and amazing diving experience. 

Entirely made in France, iBubble evo is the only underwater drone on the market that is both entirely autonomous and wireless. Thanks to its image recognition technology it will provide you with amazing framing and unequalled stability underwater thus allowing the best possible framing quality. 

Indeed, the strength of iBubble lies in its ability to easily film your underwater adventures, handsfree from every angle. Its intuitive remote lets you to smoothly choose among a range of 7 filming scenarios, including the option to ride your iBubble evo as a real water scooter! Plus, for a better visibility in every conditions, iBubble evo is equipped with 2 integrated wide-angle lights of 1000 lumens each. 

iBubble evo is the perfect diving companion. It will follow you everywhere for 1:30 hours and capture your every moves so that you can fully enjoy and share your underwater adventures. 

Once in the water with iBubble evo, you don’t need to focus on your underwater drone. Its 360° sonar technology allows it to automatically avoid obstacles, thus preserving the fragile beauty of its environment. And with regular software updates, iBubble evo always keeps one step ahead. 

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    iBubble evo follows you automatically and films your entire diving session. Simply switch filming modes with the remote. iBubble evo takes care of the rest.

  • 60M / 196FT MAX. DEPTH

    With iBubble evo, enjoy the depths like never before. The wireless underwater drone will follow you everywhere up to 60m deep.

    max. depth

    Thanks to its 7 propellers, iBubble evo can follow you with ease and offers unrivaled underwater mobility.


    Entirely conceived and produced in France, iBubble evo benefits from cutting-edge and patented acoustic technology making it unique.


    With its 2 integrated wide-angle lights of 1000 lumens each, shine your way into water and film in any circumstances.


    Dive and film all day long by easily replacing it’s battery between dives.

“iBubble is the perfect tool to enjoy your dive while also getting something out of the water to share with your friends and the community.”
Quadruple Freediving World Champion, Underwater Filmmaker

Recommended accessories

  • Additional Battery

    Why dive once when there is so much to explore with iBubble?
    With this additional battery, dive all day long with your personal underwater cameraman and don’t miss a single moment!

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  • Protective Handles

    The iBubble Protective Handles provide extra sides protection to your drone and extra grip when handling it.

    Their elegant design will allow you to easily carry your iBubble in and out of the water!
    Easy to install, the protective handles are a great addition to your iBubble – for comfort, security and a stylish look

    Caution: While the long handles make it is easier to carry your iBubble, we remind you that the drone should only be handled when it is disarmed.

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Does iBubble evo come with a integrated camera? Which cameras are compatible with iBubble evo?

iBubble evo is not provided with a recording camera but it is fitted with a standard action camera mount. iBubble evo is compatible with GoPro Hero 5, 6 and 7, as well as any other action camera fitted with a compatible mount, such as Paralenz or Olympus cameras.

Can I control iBubble evo from the surface? Does iBubble evo has a tether mode?

Yes: thanks to the Explorer cable and wifi reel, it is possible to control iBubble evo from the surface. Just plug in the designed tether and launch the app on your smartphone or tablet, and you can explore the depths without getting in the water! Get more info here.

Is iBubble evo guaranteed?

iBubble evo comes with a 2 years guarantee.

Is iBubble evo buoyant?

Yes, iBubble evo is slightly buoyant, even in fresh water! It uses its vertical propellers to stabilize itself vertically. It is possible to adjust iBubble evo’s buoyancy by removing or adding weights. If iBubble evo stops functioning, it will automatically come up at the surface.

Are batteries swappable?

Absolutely! Just open the waterproof compartment and replace the battery with another.